The History of SmartKISS, begins in the dream of a Man, Guilherme Nunes de Almeida, who loved Digital Marketing, the new information technologies and who specialized in them, through study and intense work, persistence and resilience until founding, which he considered "Innovate with art".

Guilherme Almeida

The founder of SmartKISS struggled, fought, was tenacious, and believed in winning, and all these qualities that he applied in founding SmartKISS, he used to fight cancers, a warrior’s fight lost on September 11, 2014.

His legacy was grabbed by Adriana Carneiro (wife of Guilherme Almeida), who likewise had to become an expert and lead a young team (but handpicked), these allied to a constant will of learning, innovating in every day more Digital, and Online evolved world, targeting the clients’ aims, results in achievements, notability, and growth.

This vision makes the daily day of SmartKISS to fulfill the dream in an increasingly solid and consistent way.

Our mission is based on:

Perform integrated services of communication and design, providing to the companies/trademarks the needed tools to reach their goals
Reply to new challenges with attractive and innovative ideas
Be an ethical, feasible, and trustworthy company, noteworthy and recommended by its clients
Contribute to the well-being and satisfaction of its collaborators
Be the first choice
Always be happy and faithful to ourselves

What we intend:

To be near the client and their realities, in a way to understand and provide successful answers to their communication needs
Reinforce and diverse team’s expertize, aiming increasing effectiveness and efficiency
Be seen as partners of integrated communication, through work of diverse services and present tools

SmartKISS is a company that values work quality, deadline fulfillment, and honesty. The values that guide us reflect our character, the way we act, and the strength that we wish to grow.