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At SmartKISS we defend singularity, exclusiveness, and we are not afraid of the unknown. We adore what is simple, but we reject what is basic. We demonstrate that to be different, one doesn’t have to complicate but to think.

We open doors to the digital universe to all of those who seek us, without doubting our decisions as we know we always do what we believe to be the best. We don’t give up; we always honor our commitment to breaking communication stereotypes. We are hand to hand with innovation, excellence, and simplicity. We run after our goals and the aims of those who seek us, stopping only when we find a solution.

We provide companies/brands with the necessary tools to achieve their goals with Digital Marketing and Advertising. At our Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency, we are ready for any challenge and goal. We guarantee you the best digital and physical solutions for your business.

Interview in Pontos de Vista Magazine about AEJ 2022


Case Study JIT GSSA Website

JIT Group

Case Study JIT Handling Website

JIT Group

Case Study Nana Petiscos Website

Nana Petiscos

Case Study Saudade Apartments Website

Saudade Apartments

Case Study Brindibérica Website


Case Study Clínica DermAge Social Media

Clínica DermAge

Case Study GANT Imobiliária Social Media

GANT Imobiliária

Case Study IPDJ Social Media


Case Study Nana Petiscos Social Media

Nana Petiscos

Case Study GANT Imobiliária Branding

GANT Imobiliária

Case Study Nana Petiscos Branding

Nana Petiscos

Case Study Grupo Vítor Sobral Branding

Grupo Vítor Sobral

Case Study Clínica DermAge Branding

Clínica DermAge

Case Study Fidelidade Video


Case Study IPDJ Video


Case Study ActivoBank Video


Case Study Brindibérica Blog Copywriting


Case Study Convento do Espinheiro Blog Copywriting

Convento do Espinheiro

Case Study Clínica DermAge Blog Copywriting

Clínica DermAge

Case Study JTM Group SEO

JTM Group

Case Study Centro Médico do Cartaxo SEO

Centro Médico do Cartaxo

Case Study Berner Portugal Event

Berner Portugal Event

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