Growth of Video marketing is caused to be the sector where the audience absorb information more easily. As such, personalization, interaction and focus on this final product is essential.

Nowadays, we all know that video is the users’ most favorite content. It is the most consume content, which generates more interactions and is the most appreciated form in the digital world.

SmartKISS offers its clients the opportunity to direct with us several types such as corporative, animated, and infographic. These types of videos are crucial to implementing in your digital strategy for your brand.

Corporative videos demonstrate the mechanics of a brand, the way it works and its team. Thus, this form grants to its target group what it has best to offer. Use video marketing and bring your company closer to your target, demonstrate your product, use testimonials, and prove why they should choose your company.

In animated videos, SmartKISS develops from the most adequate characters and illustrations, to script and animations.

The infographic videos are an excellent way to inform the consumers about the company and on its products.

It is estimated that this digital marketing tool will domain the online world in the next years. What not everyone knows is how to create the best strategy, edit and divulge this type of content, and that is exactly what SmartKISS offers – its best know-how in the this field.

  • Promotional Video
  • Institutional Video
  • Infographic Video
  • Animated Video
  • Drone Capture


Case Study Fidelidade Video


Case Study IPDJ Video


Case Study ActivoBank Video


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