Brand Activation

Nothing sticks in your head better than a story.

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  • Strategy Brand Awareness
  • Launch Actions
  • Creating Experiences

Brand Activation

Would you like to do a Brand Activation and don’t know how?

Bring your brand to life! Get closer to your audience and make a difference. Cause emotions, reactions and stay in memories. A real brand is one that prevails in the customer’s mind due to special moments. A brand is one that, as Jay Baer said, “Make your marketing so useful that people would be willing to pay for it.”

A brand is activated when the consumer recognizes it as a useful value for his life. When the brand is engraved in the mind, as a business that we can count on instead of just being a seller of a product or service, it becomes a brand that fidelizes through emotions and memories.

In order to create a close relationship and boost the brand, we developed a strategy focused on the main characteristics about consumers. In this way, we generate greater interaction between the target and your product and / or service.

We analyze the market and it’s trends in order to represent brands with innovation, rigor and excellence. And give them a distinctive personality.

Brand Activation plays an important role in creating relationships with the public. For this reason, it’s the area responsible for the Organization of Events, Launch Actions, Meetings / Meetings and Guerrilla Marketing.

With SmartKISS, we create experiences, whether online or offline, since brand activation requires creativity and implementation capacity. We offer a turnkey service, associated with our skills and experiences. We will position your brand as a trusted partner!

Keep it simple and stupid.

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