Ads are the 21st century art.

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When it comes to Advertising, SmartKISS makes art. Whether in Google Ads campaigns or in the development of Landing Pages.

In the online context, SmartKISS promises to the companies combining a great reach with target group segmentation, presenting an excellent cost-benefit relation, being able to be measured and optimized in real-time, contributing to a significant increase of notability.

SmartKISS develops ad campaigns in Google Ads, with specific Landing Pages, designed and programmed concerning each client business aim. We always take into consideration the target group to be reached and generate business leads.

Grupo ACR

GRUPO ACR by Dra. Ana Catarina Rosa

Combined, the ACR Group’s Clinics have 12 clinical specialties in order to ensure a more complete follow-up for any health problem of our patients. And how do they manage their ads? With SmartKISS!

Convento do Espinheiro

Convento do Espinheiro

Nurturing a true passion for excellent service and seeking daily to exceed the expectations of our customers who, like Convento do Espinheiro, trust us to take care of their Advertising.

Clínica DermAge

Clínica DermAge by Alexandra Osório

With SmartKISS, DermAge Clinic always appears first in all search engines! This is due to the wide reach and optimal targeting of your target audience.

Keep it simple and stupid.

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Along with Google Ads campaigns, SmartKISS also follows its clients in developing ads for Social Media networking, namely at Facebook Ads, Ads in Instagram, and LinkedIn Ads. SmartKISS performs in all campaign optimization to obtain the best results. In the case of Google Ads, the optimization is done twice a week, changing keywords and writing new ads. This way, each campaign has at least 3 ads.

Campaigns shall always be followed by analytic reports. This reports allow understanding the results and adapt the developed strategy to overpass the expectations of our clients. In the offline sense, clients often request “garbage proof” advertising material. SmartKISS maintains this rule, and only develops on the online world ads that are 100% relevant – be it thru Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Landing Pages – to profitability be the same as the impact – enormous.

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