A website makes it possible to display a brand anywhere, place and device, without needing a physical space. Offers greater credibility and presents endless opportunities to reach new customers.

Websites continue to be any brand’s digital business card in the online universe. To create a site is essential for a company to win visibility and, therefore, gain more clients. A site is a “window display” of the business, where all useful information shall be inserted in.

Creating websites, regardless of the business area, demands defining aims, products, and services to communicate, as well as attractive animations to capture users’ attention.

The creation, development, and programming of a website can increase your immediate profit by more than 45%, as recent studies indicate. Thousands of businesses in Portugal do not yet have a website, and many others do not have an updated and responsive website.

Companies when developing a project as important as creating the website, opt for a cheaper service. Often this turns out to be an error that can lead to a rapid decline of the business or even its dissolution. Maintenance and hosting services, which can drastically affect the performance of your website, are another service to take into account.

Also, when you create a new website for your business, you are not just paying for this creation you have to maintain this website to guarantee that you can always reach the consumers in the right way. For that reason, it is also important to get the development and programming part because it is normal for websites to crash or have other problems. 

To get the desired outcome, this is, to increase the brand notability and the conversion of leads in clients, websites shall be developed according to SEO best practices and be also responsive, as to be able to be accessed on any mobile devices.

SmartKISS seeks to innovate the sites it builds, as to all be a full mirror of each client.

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Case Study JIT GSSA Website

JIT Group

Case Study JIT Handling Website

JIT Group

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Nana Petiscos

Case Study Saudade Apartments Website

Saudade Apartments

Case Study Brindibérica Website


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