Are you aware of everything about the Meta?


Meta is Mark Zuckerberg’s new company that brings together all platforms and technologies created so far. The brand is focused on giving life to the metaverse in order to help and facilitate communication between people. Connecting with family, friends, communities and businesses is the foundation of the brand.

Therefore, we are going to clarify some fundamental points below to understand the company’s core.

The metaverse

It’s a 3D virtual universe where people interact with each other. For this, you will need to create your avatar, which is the way to be present in this universe. The universe is composed of virtual reality, augmented reality, social networks, cryptocurrencies, etc… In this reality, we will be able to interact, learn, negotiate and play.

Virtual reality

It is an interface technology between users and the operating system through 3D graphics, thus creating the sensation of presence in the virtual space. The interaction takes place in real time through computer equipment that enhances the feeling of presence in the virtual environment.

Augmented reality

AR is the technology that superimposes virtual elements on our vision through location-specific graphics. A very popular example of a game that uses this technology is Pokémon GO.

Smart glasses

Smart glasses are essential to enter the virtual universe (metaverse). These allow interaction with what is around us. The glasses that will be supplied by the Meta brand will allow recording audio and video with just one touch, sharing content, listening and answering calls.

In short, the Meta will be a metaverse that will allow you to interact and create connections from a distance, but with the feeling that we are all in the same space. It will be a virtual universe created by people and open to everyone. Communication between family, friends and co-workers will be as realistic as possible.

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